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Old 21st November 2002
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Originally posted by nOiz
is this thing shipping now? anyone has used it?

btw, i have a lucid da9624 which is a similar product to this dac1. the lucid is pretty nice but wondering how good or better this dac1 is.
I don't have the answer as to if it would be better than the Lucid unit, but I have been using a dac 1 for about three weeks now, and I like it alot. I do not have any other high end converters to judge it by, but it is significantly better that the output of any CD player I have, and better than the Yamaha 01v (which is to be expected).

I'm also using mine as the monitoring control center - I use all three of the digital ins provided (DAW feeding AES/EBU, Yamaha 01v feeding coaxial SPDIF, and a CD player feeding the optical SPDIF), and just use the front panel switch to activate whatever I need at the time. Benchmark supplies 20db pad adapters with the unit, so that you can feed powered monitors without overdriving them. In my case, the dac 1 feeds right into a pair of ADAM S2A's.

Let me know if you have any specific questions, and I'll see if I can answer them.