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Old 9th January 2008
Lives for gear

Current Pedalboard

Pedalboard as of 12/18/07. Works for me. Will sometimes add an MXR Distortion II for the heck of it; for Univox-like Super Fuzz tones, a Guyatone TZ2 occasionally.

Amp is a '77 pull boost Princeton Reverb that I had completely overhauled with new caps, etc to make it a sweet sounding amp. Also swapped in a Deluxe output transformer and a Jensen reissue speaker to have a Deluxe Reverb in sheep's clothing. Blackface faceplate is on there not to masquerade as a blackface amp (I'm happy to tell people how cheap I got the amp and what it really is) but the old one was scratched and grim beyond use, so picked it up on eBay. As long as you don't engage the pull boost, it sounds great.

It's loud enough for the small gigs we play, and if not, I bought a matching 1x12 closed cabinet off eBay that sounds great. Occasionally a mic in front through the PA does the job.