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Old 1st January 2008
Here for the gear
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With all due respect George, I used to run a neve room with lots of toys including a pair of early model distressors ,I have also produced and mixed in SSL & API rooms.With regard to the distressors - While I agree that they are versatile they always sounded as if they had a disproportionate amount of third order harmonics to me and slightly harsh.I have had success tracking vox snares & kicks with them but these days I,m mostly using drum samples and im not doing a lot of rock .I play bass keys and guitar and some tracks live some sequenced,Im currently doing a lot of writing and from experience I know that there is more than one way to get results . I dont like distressors(distortion box)Granted ,I havent heard the fatso.
Do you have any other reccomendations ?
Thanx for the reply