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How is the Safesound Dynamics Toolbox?

Hi Guys ,Has anybody here bought this compressor, I want to pull the trigger but haven't seen any reviews on it yet.I'm looking for a unit to track vocals,guitars,bass,amps, sound modules and vst instruments .I currently have GTQ2mk3,Toft atc2 and a modded DBX586 for rackable pres & eq I also have a small soundcraft mixer and a da7.For compression I currently have the toft ,a modded ART pro vla and an Aphex 651, I,ve also got uad & powercore ITB.Compessors under consideration are Tfpro P38,a pair of dakings,Aurora GTC,and the HCL solution 2,I use lynx2 & rme convertors and was hoping to get some collective feedback to help me make a decision as I want to make the purchase within the next two weeks.
PS -I been there and done the following:-
Drawmer 1960/1968
summit tla 100
Would the safesound be the most versatile of my preferred candidates considering what I currently own?