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New studio business model

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While I'm happy to hear that a high-end studio is going to be built in my home area, I'm hoping that your business model is a good one, because unless you've got built-in or pre-existing relationships with labels around the country -- i.e., you are going to be able to attract clients from outside the Triangle and NC area -- I don't see how you're going to be able to financially make a go of it in this area. There's a great local indie scene around here, but these bands can usually barely afford to buy time in a small studio...
I do have a new business model, and I'm adding entries to my blog explaining that model. After January I think I'll have more to share, but the short story is that I believe it will be possible to pay bands to record in the studio. Whether local bands are willing to sign on is an open question, but national and international talents are warming up to the idea.