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Originally posted by Nika Aldrich

What you really need to do in order to test the formats is find a PCM converter that is audibly transparent enough that you can sense no difference between input and output. Paul Frindle has some of these that have passed his ABX testing lab at Sony. There are other ones on the market, I'm led to believe. So find one of these converters that is absolutely totally transparent on input vs. output under any test signal you can run through it - full bandwidth, single sines, localization tests, etc. Then test THAT converter against a DSD converter that meets the same requirements. Now you have a real format test.

O.K. So what your saying right here is that the system you`ve been talking about (DSD) which is according to you flawed in some way can`t be tested against something like a Lavry or Prism converter. Converters which are thought of around here as being pretty damn good and extremey expensive.

You need something better that`s still being tested that we would have a hard time even ataining ?

How is that a fair test ?

You should be testing this system against very good PCM converters. End of story.

If it beats out the Lavrys and DCS and whatever other converter on the market currently you`d have to be an idiot to sit there and say they aren`t on to something.

It`s like your trying to woo us with vocabulary to hide the fact that you arent using any common sense.