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Old 30th December 2007
Interestingly, when just talking in front of this one you can hear a change in acoustics. It seems to be an improvement but its hard to tell with only one panel.

I constructed it out of "hardboard" as Home Depot calls it and used two 2'x4'x1/8" sheets which cost 2.59 each. Below the wells there are pieces of 3/4' x 3/4" pine moulding which i cut to space the vertical slats (y axis), and keep the wells at the correct depth. This is $.38 per linear foot. In this model you can see how this works..

There are 3 pieces of moulding in each well to space the horizontal axis and 6 vertically to support the base of the wells. Although the entire thing is glued together (no nails at all) it is extremely rigid.

Any questions/ suggestions? I'll take pictures as I make this next one.

Jeremy Cox