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Old 18th June 2004
So you went on to do some other stuff, I guess.
errrrrr..... yeah you could say that...

The guitar solo on We Will Rock You has captivated me for years by it's simplicity, yet I'm always amazed at how every note hits home.

I feel the exact same way. I was 10 or so when I heard it and it hit me then. When you play something so right that a kid can get you have done something special.....

Well I could tell you about the time I was editing the 24track and totally [email protected]#ed it up thereby effectively making an unscheduled arrangement change
Mike what song??

Then there was the fun of being on a chair on the drum riser with the band and others doing hanclaps and footstomps for "We will rock you" which was a lot of fun .
There has got to be more to this story right?? heh Anything else you can add?? Double tracked, triple?? Mics (or mic)?? I love this sh*t!!!

Thanks Mike....