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Originally posted by shipshape
Well I could tell you about the time I was editing the 24track and totally [email protected]#ed it up thereby effectively making an unscheduled arrangement change . Of course it was all their fault 'cos they kept asking me to hear it with the piece in..the piece out ...the piece in etc and when they had decided that they wanted it to stay...well by that time I was standing on the piece of tape in question and destroyed it by mistake , but they actually took me seriously when I sheepishly said that it sounded good without it (trying to hide my faux pas)Editing the multi-track was always quite nerve wracking with those guys because of how much was on the tape!!!
You're a brave man Mike Shipley!

Then there was the fun of being on a chair on the drum riser with the band and others doing hanclaps and footstomps for "We will rock you" which was a lot of fun .


"News of the World" is my favorite Queen record.