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Old 19th November 2002
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atticus vader,

"12.75 Unit Intervals of 5-kHz Jitter on the Audio Data"

I don't claim to know how to speak about jitter artifacts with any accuracy, but for most converters I've seen, jitter specs seem to be stated in those super teenie picoseconds.

Are unit intervals related to picoseconds?

This will give me some basis for comparing that spec to my Mytek 8X96's, which is 10ps.

Of course it doesn't matter until I hear the unit, but I am looking for a volume control to put between my D/A and speakers. If the device happens to include D/A that surpasses what I'm currently listening through, for $795 just tell me where to sign up.

How would this thing compare to a passive volume control, like Coleman or Goldpoint?