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Originally posted by not_so_new
I think Donald Fagen's The Nightfly sounds great and I think it is one of the first commercially sucessful all digital recordings at least if I remember correctly anyway. I remember reading a Roger Nichols interview and he said something about all kinds of issues with the tape deck because the technology was so new.

I think it was a first generation 3m digital machine and it was all kinds of trouble.

Mastered by Bob Ludwig....

I just listened to it the other day and I still think it sounds good. Maybe an argument for recording techniques over medium I would say. It does have a "sound" all to it's own but I like it. "Clasic digital" ahh the good old days...

"The Nightfly" is one of my all time favourite albums and a masterclass in mixing - the arrangements are so complex but it never sounds cluttered. I still use this album for listening test on gear. However, if I'm honest and focus on the sound rather than the wonderful music and musicianship I do find it a bit 'bass-light' - there just isn't a decent low end on this album.

Am I in a class of one here or does anyone else agree?