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When purchasing the Andreas Vollenweider's
Behind the Gardens Behind the Wall-Under the Tree (1982), I was told it was recorded digitally by the sales guys who went off on how new digital was, and how great Jon Otis' percussion is on the album.

My folks had a decent turntable and speakers. I immediately found that the lows and mids were ok, but the high end was terrible... each pick on his harp had this, well, digital sound like it was dropped in bitrate... all the high end on the album just sounded clicky and terrible. I didnt' listen to it much cause it sounded like ass, basically. I thought something had gone wrong with the pressing of the album and I just had a bad copy.

Then one day a few years later, I recorded the album onto a cassette tape fairly hot, and to my surprise the whole thing sounded so much better... gone were all the artifacts that had been driving me nuts.

At the time, I had no idea why or what I was hearing in terms of the differences between the album and the cassette, but in 20/20 hindsight, even the meager tape compression of the cassette format obviously took care of the offensive high end and smoothed out the digital artifacts.

After that I paid attention to look out for the dreaded "DDD" on CD's.