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I got my first digidesign system at the beginning of the 90's when it first was just Sound Designer and you had to use a 4-track program called "Deck" to multi-track with it.

As soon as they introduced PT with the smpte slave driver there were guys (including myself) that were taking tracks off of 2-inch (usually drums), editing the stuff, and laying it back in multiple passes with just the 4-track PT interface...I did a couple of gigs like this with with 2 studers linked and all the tracks had been edited on my little PT system...There were a bunch of major label albums from the early, early 90's that had this business going on....A lot of those albums sound better than albums I'm hearing today...

had to back it all up with DATa on DATs...I was stoked on my 450mb hard drive that cost me $1000...those were the days.

meanwhile...Alanis's Jagged Little Pill was recorded completely with ADATs if I'm not mistaken...not that it sounded that great, but I think I've heard much worse sounding albums put out in the last two years...sold like 19 million as well, so go figure....

Interestingly, most of the stuff from then that ended up sounding good was mixed by the same guys that are still mixing most stuff today, and when done well, it didn't end up sounding that much different...Even more interestingly, look at how far converters have come since then and look at how things are mastered today...