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Originally Posted by dbbubba View Post
Are the head of the screws exposed at all?
Is is just striped to the point that a philips screwdriver won't bite?

Here's what I have had to do on many of the screws on my ol' MCI 538C...

Use a Dremel Tool.
Use one of the cutting discs.

Cut a slot across the face of the offending screw.
A regular screwdriver will then work, but you have to do the job delicately and make sure that you don't saw into the front face of the racked piece.

If you still can't get the screw to turn then just cut the head off.
After you remove the racked piece you can drill out the rest of the screw without tearing up the faceplate of the gear.
Yeah, that's kind of the last resort. The screws are really flat so it'd be really tricky not to damage the gear.

Thanks dbubba, it looks like I'm going to Sears next to buy a grab-it. That thing looks like a saving grace.