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posted by shipshape:
We only ever did the moving away from the mic thing , for a rock approach. For all the pop BV's that Mutt would do on his own , would be just stacked up 20 or so tracks per harmony, sometimes more , sometimes less. We would bounce them into 4 tracks per harmony and as for panning , we'd pan them pretty much wide all the time. Having used a ridiculous amount of eq to get the right sound. A lot of level riding is also used as is editing all the "S's" and hard consonants to line up to stop the flamming.

I'm really looking forward to trying this.

I figure the level riding to tame the S's, I can do in the PT edit window.

The panning...I'm already a slut for wide panning backing vox, as well as finding creative ratios. Like panning one set of harmonies 90%, another 70%, and so forth - or even flipping the sides, like having the higher register wider on the left and the lower register wider on the other right..

As for the EQing, with backing vox, I find myself cutting lows. A LOT. Same with you guys?