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Originally posted by enharmonic
I was taught on an SSL, and had the luxury of learning a lot on "world-class" gear. As a result, I am having a difficult time putting a rig together that can deliver a measure of what I have worked on in the past.
I have seen a lot of AEs over the years that learned this way and I feel it was not in their best interest to do so. If you learn how to get good sounds/make good records on mediocre gear, you can really shine on the top-notch stuff. I saw one AE that was OD’ing drums with my partner playing and could not punch in on the fly, he had to rely on the pre-roll/auto-punch from a Mit X850/SSL 6000 and it really wasn't enough time to catch a groove before the punch (it was about 2 bars if that and I never really used that system so I don't know if it could have been changed). I came in and my partner hollered at me to give him about 6-8 bars and punch the track, we finished in 20 mins what they had been working 3 hours to do. I'm not saying that your abilities are that bad, I'm saying that when relying on tools to do the work your abilities don't get the opportunity to reach your full potential. All AEs should start on a 4 or 8 track and progress from there. In the old days you started in the mastering room cutting dubs and learning how to use a razor blade.