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This forum is full of HD24XR bashers. But, one fact holds up. The humble Alesis unit holds up to all challengers (even Radar) AS LONG AS YOU USE IT FOR INTENDED PURPOSE.

It is not packaged and functional as a Pro unit like the Radar.
I lacks SMPTE time code and a proper BRC
It is limited compared to a DAW.

It is rock solid and stellar as a recorder.
The XR converters are excellent, PERIOD. (my 002 rack sux in comparison)
It has a multitude of uses, especially in live remote situations and makes an excellent additiion to a DAW.
It is the absolute best bang for the buck.

p.s. the drives are not an issue, they are super cheap and give you all the time you want. The caddies however, need to be re-seated when moving the unit between remote gigs. (5 seconds of work)
I agree with everything you've said - DEAD ON!

...except the part about caddies needing to be reseated. If you leave your drives in the unit when transporting you should take them out. Taking them out is generally safer for the drive and it'll surely give the docking connector a longer life.