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boody - also let me comment that a lot of recordists miss some major values and deals by always pursuing a high end first policy.
just a simple example , in n track studio or
or any other tracker that supports vst plug ins you can plug in SIR
reverb which is free. yup free ! it uses impulses. (check out i think it is all you need is a good pro impulse.
or another example - in magix audio studio as one of a million features is each track is like a track strip in the mixer view ,
so you just plug in the eq or compression or echo or reverb effects you want. now turning to it has some of its own built in effects which are very interesting.
then there is which seems to be a research project that is free software and emulates different guitar amps and stomp boxes. or lets turn to powertracks which has some great 50's vibe vintage like guitar and base effects built in.
if people dont investigate the foregoing i think they are missing a lot of potential to add to their songs. check out i think it is. an interesting site of plug ins and hosts.
see what i mean ? there are other options out there that people miss.
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