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Alesis HD24XR, Big Ben, Fireport and real time transfers

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Thanks Foldback. Is there any way for the software in the computer to detect marker points on the HD24? (probably a stupid question, but there has to be a way to transfer just one song at a time possibly, otherwise sounds like a small PITA).
I'm using Mac OS 10.3.9 with the Fireport software. Fireport is very crude but effective. It transfers a HD24-song of audio data, thats all. The song can be 24 track and an hour long or longer. I think of this as format conversion and it's a PITA with Fireport. Moving the audio from the HD24 drive to an internal Mac HD. You must move a whole HD24-song. The Mac does not know it's audio when viewing the data on the HD24 drive with Fireport software.

I was pretty excited about the Fireport system when I first saw it and for one or two tune transfers it is very cool. I mainly use the HD24 for recording live shows and it has worked great for that.

I've gone back to doing one song at a time optical transfers in real time for live album production because I can get just the part that I want off the HD24, stay digital all the way, and not be working with this hour+long 24 track monster. For speed, I jack the HD24XR into an analog mixer and work with the tracks to identify the tunes that are going on the album. When I know which tracks I'm after, I find the whole workflow to be much faster just doing the optical transfers of what I want, one song at a time. This eliminates a lot of editing time in Protools (for me) which offsets the speed gained by doing the Fireport transfer. Fireport is maybe 4x faster at moving data into the DAW but the files are huge and clunky to deal with compared to one song at a time in real time.

It seems like the last song in an hour of live recording with the HD24 is always killer so you must ingest the whole hour of content to get that last tune into the DAW. That means there are gonna be a lot of wasted MB of space on the HD.

For 99.4% of situations the sound of the HD24XR converters are equal to my Apogee X. Mostly I do rock music but also record a few opera singers and some pipe organs. I think the Apogee converters are really neutral and good sounding. Same for the HD24XR converters.

I always clock the HD24XR(s) with Big Ben, that way I'm using the exact same clock throughout the project and everything is running on it. I've read that the HD24 machines are off frequency a bit, I don't know because I've always used Big Ben. We've overdubbed and added tracks after live shows and had no tuning problems (and I'm a stickler for bad tuning and pitch problems).

The HD24XR is one of my favorite recording tools. I use a Motu 2408 to transfer all three Adat lightpipes simultaneously in real time. It works for me.