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Originally posted by manning1
in summary i dont think one has to spend a lot these days to get a tune put together.
amen to that!

For me gear = tools. Tools help. Without quality tools it will be harder to achive quality results, but its still doable. You just do what your tools allow you to do and get creative. Too sophisticated tools might even be bad for creativity if your not ready to use 'm I think. You go like "oh, this tool is used on this and that record, so now I should be able to sound like this and that". While the only thing really intresting is getting your own sound. Even lo-fi no budget sounds can be the bomb if there's an original creative vision behind it

but gear is like new toys, and for that, its really fun chasing it and bring it home proudly..... "look mom, see what I caught today!!!"

regards, Budy
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