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Lives for gear

i feel your pain enharmonic. frankly i liked tunesmith's
comment about chasing gear rabbits down holes. probably the best comment ive heard in years. i really wish i had thought of that. no disrespect enharmonic but i think you could do better
for your money than dual mac G%. PLEASE - i BEG you !
ive been working in the past in senior positions in industry,
and i urge you to look at pricing. that is one wad of money for something, like all computer equipment thats obsolete within a short time. check out one of the other slutz threads on
opteron and amd 64 fx that noise reduces a file in like 1.75 seconds. now THATS COMPUTER PERFORMANCE IMHO.
if your leery about the PC why not do this. ive converted more than a few over to PC this way. find a friend or rent from a retailer a 2ghz amd barton PC just as a basic test.
put an rme sound card in it (rock solid drivers) . then go and try software demoes. the ones i love are n track, powertracks,
magix audio studio, rock solid on my system - a great computer programmer) as examples.
then go rent say a great river pre with a nice ribbon mic - how i wish i could afford one ! - and i bet you will hear great sound.
you can do all this without spending much money.
or do what a friend of mine did. he built an amd duron 1.3ghz system for 200 bucks out of scrap parts. it does 40 tracks for little investment. the key to great sound is not the computer or software but the a/d/a. and rme or even lynx if you have the
money is good. heck for songwriting even i'm hearing
the cheap soundcards at that do 24bit/96khz are good. just PLEASE do yourself a favour and keep an open mind and if you think i'm lying DO A PC TEST !!