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I was taught on an SSL, and had the luxury of learning a lot on "world-class" gear. As a result, I am having a difficult time putting a rig together that can deliver a measure of what I have worked on in the past. I don't have an SSL budget...or even 1/10th of an SSL budget at the moment, but what I do have is a need to be able to capture my ideas in a system that can be ported to a more traditional to save some time, and two...because often the first few times through a song are the most compelling IMO...and I've never had the opportunity to capture that energy.

Manning, you suggested a number of solutions to me the other day, and I am still reviewing them...but I'll be honest. I'm a Mac head through and through when it comes to audio. It's what I know best and it's how I think when I'm working.

With that in mind, I am very interested in Nuendo, or even Ableton Live 4. My modest front end will most likely be a Metric Halo ULN2+DSP, a couple of reasonably nice microphones, and a Dual 2 G5. I think I can get a lot done with this setup, and hope that it will allow me to realize my objectives as a singer/songwriter.

I've been away from engineering for a while due to injuries, and as a result of those injuries and limitations, I really don't see myself getting back into it as a career, but that dosen't mean that i want to stop completely. And as much as I miss having the big toys, I'd like to think that I can get more than just respectable results with the proper gear selection and a bit of talent .

We'll see. Please tell your friends that Rome wasn't built in a day. Everyone starts somewhere. Just do the best with what is available to you, and work your way into it.