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I am in the real gearslut mode. Bought lots of new gear in last months. An Eventide H8000, Cranesong spider, 2 Lynx AES 16's, Distressor, Genelecs 1037's to name a few. All this new gear gives me new ideas and new possibilities I never had. I think I am not using all this gear to the limit and I still am frustrated because I do not get the sound of the latest Outkast album, but I am growing because of these new toys because I am learning faster that with more lo-end gear i used to have. heh

I know it will help me with the sounds I want to get, but when the drumkit is bad, I can not change the sound of the kit with the new tools, I need to work on the kit. When the drummer is bad I can chop things up in Nuendo, but when the drummer is good I'll work much better/faster. Because I am not a producer there is little I can do about that.

I can not give you the anwser, but when you know what to do you can use lesser gear, but in this moment I am learing to mix with the better gear.

my .002 cents
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