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I think the question becomes:

How much of it is operator error / bad arranging / bad musicianship? I've chased the gear rabbit down the hole a few times myself, and while there is something to be said for great mics, pres, and conversion, I have concerns about some of the other stuff I have spent my hard earned money on.

I would adviSe your friends as such: If they've got Eminem rapping into a cheap mic and a cheap pre, then you're somewhere. It's a simple question to answer. Your talent, or the talent of the artist you're recording, exceeds the quality of the gear and that imbalance needs to be remedied.

However.... most pro/am guys that I know (myself included) get the cart ahead of the horse. I spent years looking for great guitar and drum samples when the solution was great guitar players and drummers. Putting your friend (who can't sing or rap or do ANYthing that the public is ever going to be even modestly interested in) in front of a $4000 mic isn't going to bring fortune and glory.

This is a harsh, cold, unforgiving reality. But it is reality. Perhaps before investing in expensive gear, we should all invest in an intro to audio engineering course at the local community college. I am back at a place where my gear exceeds my knowledge, and at least I have the presence of mind to recognize it.