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Manifold Recording - Studio Construction Thread

At 5pm yesterday I received word that building permits have been issued for my own "dream studio" project. OMFG!!!!

In a nutshell the project is: a high-end, carbon-neutral recording studio that creates new artistic, production, and business opportunities for musicians, engineers, and listeners. To achieve high-end, I employed Wes Lachot to design the studio from the ground up. To achieve carbon-neutral, Wes has employed an innovative and integrated approach to architecture and acoustics. The building sections reveal that for the most part what is structural is also acoustically beneficial, and what is acoustically beneficial is also architecturally beautiful. The integration of acoustics and architecture provides a natural economy of both materials and space, allowing us to be more aggressive in terms of acoustic and program goals.

The highlights of the studio will be the Music Room (1350 sq ft with 24 ft ceiling, supported and surrounded by 20" thick double masonry walls) and the Control Room (475 sq ft, RFZ with 7th order QRD rear wall). The Music Room is designed and built as if it, too, were a musical instrument; the Control Room is similarly designed and built as the most technically accurate environment we can achieve with 2007 materials and technology.

The studio will make extensive use of RPG materials (DiffusorBlox, BAD panels, Topakustik). My preliminary estimate is that acoustic treatments alone will account for $40-$60/sq ft of acoustic space costs (depending on the space). It is too soon to estimate the cost of the acoustic vs. non-acoustic construction, but the blended all-in number is expected to range somewhere between $260 and $360/sq ft. As construction progresses I'll provide updates to these numbers.

To begin, here are some pre-construction photos showing stake locations of the studio footprint.

As construction progresses I'll provide updates as to what we're doing, why it matters, and what we learned/experienced in the process. (As a one-of-a-kind studio, I'm sure we will have our share of "firsts".) In the mean time, I'm waiting for our contractor to finish his estimate on the number of architectural blocks we'll be ordering from Adams block. Somewhere around 20,000 I imagine...

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