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mike - thanks - ,
i guess what we argue about most over coffee/debating is my position is one position(mine and others ie, one camp ) is you dont need a 100k pro tools rig to do a good song.
just something like powertracks(29 bucks !) or n track and some decent set of a/d/a and mics and pres. these other guys are saving like mad for tools and never getting anything done because , well you get the idea. they believe because the
"big boys" of the industry have all this stuff they need to as well.
its the old my jag/civic can go faster than your jag/civic syndrone.
i would like them to see your answer because imho they are spending themselves into big debt.
whereas me , after having recorded with the big boy stuff
for years there is no magic. i get a kick out of seeing what i can get out of throwaway yard sale/used stuff.
eg of junk...a few hundred max in equipment
the i'm too old to rock n roll song , or the working mans song...etc
in essence do they need tools etc ??
am i the one thats wrong ?