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Indeed you do not need a piano keyboard. A masterkeyboard will do. Most keyboards anyway use Fatar keys. Do (as already said) see what works for you. (Probably a hammer weighted keyboard will feel more convincing.) Many classical people use Clavinova. However in the Virtual Instrument region there are plug-ins that replay a piano much better. Why? Because they are recorded per key (often in 16 volume levels, with and without pedal) Discussions about them are endless but Synthogy Ivory is a pretty decent thing. (The money you save on buying a masterkeyboard instead of a Clavinova will be largely enough to cover the purchase.) If you want to keep options for playing 'live' open, the buy a Macbook instead of a desktop computer.

That all said; Check out before you buy any classical library.

PS If you will play piano 'live' and seek accompaniment from an orchestral library, pretty much any decent midi master keyboard will do...