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mike - how much equipment ?

i need an unbiased opinion mic , as i go through this constant debate with friends on how much equipment one needs to produce a decent song. a lot feel defeated that they just cant afford it all so never get started. i point out all one really needs is
a decent basic set up like a 2ghz computer , good a/d/a like a lynx sound card, and a few decent mics and preamps.
and all the rest is the quality of the song ie; mutts /shania are successfull because of songwriting. whats your take ?
particularly youngsters feel they have to have so much equipment until i show them what can be done with a computer
and just a decent multitrack software like powertracks thats 29 dollars and does 24bit/96khz and 48 audio tracks which i feel is sufficient for anyone to express themselves. whats your take ?
what i have at home is far more than what was available years ago i feel when people did great songs on 3 track studers.
am i wrong ?
ps - i run a junkyard studio.
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