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Originally Posted by cl516 ➡️
RE-201 and RE-301 are classics, RE-501 starts to wander off the territory.
Korg Stage echo is boring clean but reliable in build quality.
and believe it or not the new boss re-20 is pretty good too.
Moogerfooger Delay is awesome, but isn't tape.

Yes the 501/555 sound quite different than a 201/301 but not in a bad way. the 150 (no reverb) sound similar to the 501, I think it uses the same IC circuitry (from what I gather on this space echo website) definitely cleaner than earlier Space Echoes. I sold mine though (got it from a flea market in France for £30, mint came even with the unopen cleaning kit and Roland tapes!!!)
I kept the 201, we also have a Binson Echorec II (in need of TLC), a Yamaha BBD delay rack (can't remember the name), the ubiquitous Line 6 DL4 and the Watkins Copycat....But again, I love the UA RE-201... the automation works great and open lots of possibilities + the splice trigger and the 3 tape settings (old/used/new)