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Old 8th June 2004
Originally posted by jpaudio
young enough to have never seen that technique in action... and I appreciate learning about this stuff from guys like you, Mike, and everyone else!thumbsup

I am just kidding.

This is one of the things that made the Yamah SPX90 so freakin famous in the studio in the 80's(using the pitch shifter to tune the reverbs).

I still do this though on the new Eventide DSP7000 but on vocals more.

If you still wanna use reverbs on the drums(especially on the kick & snare) one trick i do is to put an expander on the reverb return.

That way you can tune in the return to size of the kick or snare in the kit.

It also gets out of the way much faster(and it sounds more natural too).

You can key if you like also.

I also prefer mono verbs on drums, panned to taste of course.