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have got a 201, 555 (rack version of 501), Fulltone, Binson and a Moogerfooger delay pedal (I wish just one was mine) Anyhow they all sound very different but the most versatile is definitely the 555 the Fulltone makes me smile the most though, seems to go longer which I like and has a great and variable tone. The 201 is a classic and is being used alot too, however I'm surprised the 301 hasn't been mentioned, that has a 501 style chorus but with a more 201 flavour and for me is the most desirable of all the Roland Echoes. The noise reduction in the 501 makes it much cleaner than the 301 but for me the 301 just has a little edge in the vibe department.

Plug in wise the only thing that comes close for me is Echoboy, I haven't heard the UAD stuff so can't comment.....