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It's time to recap me Dynacord Super 65 and I wonder if I can replace the 48uF/42V bipolar field pushing motor cap ( Electrolyt ) with a usual F&T 47uF/50V bipolar cap. Any ideas? thanks a lot...
Are you wondering about the values?

50V is above 42V, so you re covered there.
48 uf is so close to 47 uf that I am sure that either cap's true value would be above or below the other due to the tolerance of any component.

I have a Echoplex that according to Mike Battle (he designed and built them) was one of the VERY FIRST solid state models he built.
If you looked at it you would think it was a tube unit, but it has a Nortronics circuitboard or two in it instead.
Mike was quite surprised to encounter it after so many years!

All Space Echos have essentially the same internal circuitboard/circuitry that records and plays back the signal. The RE-555 has the balancing circuits, but it isn't much different. I have owned or used almost all variants of the Roland Space Echoes over the years. They are quiet enough to use in mix for rock stuff.
The chorus has a wierd, not good distortion they are over-driven.
If that OD light is coming on then it sounds U G L Y!!!!

The Echoplexes are WAYYYYYYYYY noisier, but they have such character!

Plugging a GTR into a tube Echoplex provides a magic that is there even if you don't use the echo.
Andy Summers with The Police used two tube Echoplexes.
The speed variation inherent with the Echoplexes gives them a lot of magic.
Two of them work against each other in a way that is akin to true ADT.

Personally, for rock-n-roll tape delay I use an MCI JH-110B.
It is quiet, you can saturate the tape and it has VSO.
I find that 3.75 ips and 7.5 ips are pretty familiar sounding delay times on their own.