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You can complain about file sharing all you want. But it's not like the songs people are stealing are genius. It's all calculated pop formulas that have been overused to an extent that most top 40 singles resemble nursery rhymes more than songs. The American consumer is being told that he / she is too stupid to like anything different, and they've grown tired of being treated like idiots. I think the buying public is smarter than that, and wants new technology and mass media merging into to cool new forms of entertainment that feature music. I think that great bands landing TV and film soundtrack work have been huge for digital download sales on ITunes and the like because of this. I'm sorry that an American Idol winner can't be the voice of a generation, but that involves actually nurturing musical genius from time to time.
I'm sorry but this argument is not valid . If it was, the songs shared illegaly would be different than the hits but they are not . People download the hits more than anything else . The more you sell the more you're pirated .

And about information being shared ,I don't consider music as information but as a product like movies . It shouldn't be treated as free information .