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Old 5th June 2004
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I have 2 set ups at home at the moment one is a control room I designed myself , it seems to work just fine.Its got a ''compression" ceiling , and looks like a big living room. I don't care for contol rooms that look all grey and dark etc so I've got a lot of natural light in the room.
No parallel walls etc. and a lot of big couches and such. I had a little help with trapping but we really did it ourselves to be more like a living room than a typical studio. I don't use big monitors so I don't buy into the whole "dead" control thing with nearfield speakers. Tho we made sure it was accurate of course.
I have a mix plus system in another room so that overdubs etc can be going on while I'm mixing(just like today!) Both rooms are a good size. It's all about vibe as well as accuracy and so many studios are so generic.
I am using a G5 dual 2gigfor the HD rig , on the mix plus is a dual 1.2 gig.
As for monitors I have the obligatory ns10's with a Bryston 4B amp. I don't listen loud and never have except for once or twice a day for a minute or so to check it out but my aveage monitoring level is quite low so I don't need a lot of power just very clean. I have a pair of of KRK E8's and I'm trying the Adam's right now.