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Haha.. are you kidding? Umm yes I've got a quiet a few stories of studio fun !!! One I recall now as you mention things going on in the control room (of a naughty kind !!.) I was mixing a record in Europe in an era gone by. I was not having a goood time for a lot of reasons but that is a very long and too bizarre tale to tell. Anyway the producer , sensing my ..ummm, frustration he decided that he would send me up something for breakfast in the control room to help calm me down a little.
Well I'm working away and in come 2 naked 6' young ladies who begin to start nibbling my ears and sh$t. I was so friggin; stunned you have no idea I mean these girls were drop dead gorgeous and they were both models. But I was having none of that of course cos I've got work to do and I was married so it was not my thing ..honestly!!.
So I shooed them out and went on with the battle at hand with the same thing happening the next day until he got my message , in total disbelief.
I did come into the studio a couple of days later and as I was working I heard all sorts of noise going on behind me and it was said producer "having his way" with one of the umm...many naked ladies that frequented the proceeding on the couch behind the credenza.
I walked off the record for technical reasons that were too strange for words.
If you want any more stories let me know !!