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60 tracks for vocals????

That is nuts! Why not just sing it? Does anyone practice anymore? I'd fire the singer if I was producing, that is unreal. Wouldn't the singer tell someone to bugger off already 10 takes is enough? Or are pop singers just expensive karaoke singers who have to make a label happy?

I can understand comping 3 or 4 takes or choosing a best chorus, but when working with my own singing, if I don't like the take, I DELETE IT. Right away. If it is bad the 1st time listening, it won't get any better.

It takes minutes to redo something, and hours to TRY to fix it then decide to just re-take it anyway.

It's not like the average pop song even has anything approximating a trained vocalist's range. How hard can this be?

A classical 2 track guy who is just mystified at the silliness,