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Old 3rd June 2004
Originally posted by DClarkson2004
Thrill, I understand a trackcount of 64...on a complete mix.
Is it true that outside PT, about 6-7 tapemachines are being synced to reach a total count of 160?
Mixed on a 160 channel console?
Wouldn't it be a lot easier to make little submixes, by bouncing stuff like background vox, which takes a LOT of tracks indeed.
I mixed a PT song(before HD) where we had synced up 2 Macs to get that many tracks happening.

It was on a 96 channel J i think.

The reason again is that people want to wait to the last minute to make decisions.

Really they want YOU TO MAKE IT FOR THEM.

The funny thing a lot of times is just alternate takes that the producer doesn't even remember.heh

By the way the reason for the track count above was that the producer wanted a humongous sounding string section. Unfortunately he had the budget for only 9 players so he had them make 12 passes of the same piece.

9x12=108 string tracks

That's for the strings alone. There was also vocals,drums,bass,guitars and synths.

Go figure!!!