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Originally posted by shipshape
Th reason the 120-160 record kinda got to me was that with 60 tracks of electric gtrs a rock band , that's just plain bad production in my book.
Spot on.

Sounds like an example of the 'shotgun' approach, coupled with a severe fear to commit to anything, taken to the extreme conclusion.

I simply cannot comprehend why anyone would ever need to use 60 guitar tracks. Not even Steve Vai. Did the producer just have no idea of what sound he was after, so he just recorded 'one of each' and left you to sort it out?

Whatever happened to "less is more"???

Personally (around here), I start getting agitated if we go past 8-10 gtr tracks... But I'm a dinosaur.

IMHO, limitations actually inspire creativity, and limitless options usually paralyze creativity.

BTW, Mike (once again)