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Old 28th November 2007
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I realize that I don't hold a very popular position on this, but I'm interested in what the experts have to say.

Do you guys have any concerns about what may happen 15 years from now if NN leads to a tax on internet access/commerce and regulation of obscenity/expression/etc.? NN seems like a great idea at first, but isn't it really just setting a precedent for government control of the internet? The last thing we need is a Fairness Doctrine or FCC for the web.

Is it nasty and evil of the telcos to block certain content? Absolutely! But private enterprises can do as they please. I'm surprised two entrepreneurs who have had incredible and well-deserved success aren't a little more wary of encroaching restrictions on private industry.

I realize that there's no good answer for this since both options are pretty terrible, but is there any fear that this kind of legislation may come back to bite you later?

Hey man.

I agree with you that the government should stay the hell out of many things. But there are three major problems with your argument in my eyes.

1) The telcos are trying to have their way with the Internet by using the very same government that you and I want to keep out of the way. We want less legislation and the telcos are trying to enact more. Kind of counter to your argument right?

What the telcos are trying to do is create a legalized monopoly. THAT is bad news.

2) Net Neutrality is not necessary linked to more Internet taxes. For all intents and purposes we really have NN right now.. and we don't have taxes. We NN folks are just saying that there is no reason to change anything at all. The telcos are making money hand over fist, other businesses are thriving and we end users have an outlet and choices. Yes the telcos are going to need to invest money in infastrucure but they are making enough to do that now.

3) MOST importantly we need to protect freedom of speech and information. The Internet is the FOUNDATION for all communication advancements to come. If the telcos win now they will control things for many many years to come.

Do you really go to CNN or worse Fox News for information? What if Fox News and CNN were the only source of news in the world, or at least in the U.S.? Do you want your choices to be limited to what someone else feeds you or do you want to have the option to go where you want?

To me it is ludicrous to have limited options for entertainment, information and no possibility to voice our own views with sites like YouTube, MySpace, Tunecore, CD Baby and others not to mention personal blogs. You may or may not like some or any of these sites but they are outlets for personal discourse with the whole world.