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Old 3rd June 2004
My clients used to ask to be in on the mix, but I find that their prescence is un-nerving, you feel you can't make anything sound bad for any length of time, they get nervous and you can feel your time to make good slipping away by the second.
Most of the time I insist that they leave me to it, that way I can do things at my own pace, try out ideas, screw things up and they'd never know about it.

However, having more experienced clients or other engineers is really quite useful, and can make a big difference, if they know when to let you do your thing, or can make informed suggestions. I get a buzz out of people being there then, especially when theres a good vibe in the room and everyones getting excited!!

Would anyone here agree that having a team around you is as much about this as actually being there for essential duties?