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And to Mr. Jobs:

"If you say that you are going to help the industry with iTunes then this is how you do it...Otherwise, I feel like all you are doing is F'ing it up and devaluing EVERYONE's product...Who the F are you to tell the world that what was worth $18.99 yesterday is only worth AT BEST $9.99 today...?"

He single-handedly put a lot of people out of work, and a lot of companies out of business...
Because people stopped thinking it an album was worth $18.99 long before the iTunes Music Store. The P2P networks were the ones responsible for the devaluing of music by making it "free."

Apple came along with the iTunes Music Store at a time when CD Sales were down because people tired of paying $18.99 for a CD that maybe only had one or two tracks they actually wanted on it. Many of them chose to not pay anything and get it from P2P networks instead. CD prices kept rising, though the cost of manufacturing them kept getting smaller (now down to less than a buck in large quantities anyway). Apple figured, "Hey, people are stealing all this music - let's come up with a way to make people choose to pay for it instead." So really, Apple helped add value BACK to music (unless we're living in a parallel universe and 99 cents is not more than nothing). Jobs has said several times that they arrived at 99 cents a song because it was low enough to get people to buy it legally. Plus, if you want to defend the $18.99 list price of a CD and compare it to the price of a download, remember with the download there's no manufacturing or shipping costs like with a physical product, and the audio is compressed - shouldn't a lesser product cost less?

You don't like the way Apple runs their store? Then don't have your material sold there. Pretty simple really.