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"Few questions.

Can you give us example of 'teamwork' the studio crew would get into during a mix session? You are mixing and the other guys are doing ....???

Any chance you could cut and paste your management's multitrack / PT file delivery requirements here?

Thanks Jules

Mixing is kind of a team effort for me , I have the same assistant , protools engineer and runner on all the studio mixes I do so that makes everything easier to start with but sometimes when I can turn up to the studio with everything patched up and labelled on the console the way I like it , and all I have to do is hit play and everyone in the room is doing their thing .
My second protools system is up and running with a copy of the session in case there is work I need done while Im working and the session has been open and running fine, then we are ready to go. The runner has already made some waffles , hit starbucks and then after a bit of goofing off (a game of ping pong !)we can be ready for the inevitable overdub,or edits etc. (mic's are ready if need be etc) and then we can get started and get a flow going ,everyone feels part of the mix . I don't like people hanging around while I'm mixing so everyone at least knows how to look busy !!!