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Old 3rd June 2004
Originally posted by shipshape
Thrill I think I remember you mentioning that you work on a SSL6000. What studio is that at if you don't mind me asking.


Its actually a 2 room studio in the city that a friend and i built.

Its the old 6000 from the Power Station.

Its funny compared to the SSL's i've worked on it sounds as dark as sh*t!!!

He works a lot with the Trackmasters so for the rap/hiphop rnb thing its great.

I do more of the commercial stuff so its a little dark for my taste.

For the brighter/hifi stuff i went ITB to a SBM-2 to a D2B to the Tac Tec M4000 and probably the Media 51 is next.

We split days on the 6000(he gets 4-5, i get 2-3), which is fine for me right now since most but a few of my clients care what their stuff is mixed on.

Also not having TR is a pain in the ass!!!