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Old 27th November 2007
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I think Human Nature is changed

to some extent by face to face interaction.

If a fan goes to a show and sees a great band sweating their guts out, he'll happily pay 20 dollars for their album, but it becomes less likely that he'll feel that affinity for them if he never sees them live.

So, Ironically, in these days in which high-quality recorded music is more available than ever before, live music is more important than it's been for a long time.

If you're just another of a gazillion bands on MySpace , that's one thing. If you're a fantastic entertaining dynamic live band that's another.

Quote: "iTunes is awful quality- especially for the price compared to a cd"

It's only awful quality to sound engineers. Most people think the sound of a 160 k mps is perfectly fine. I certainly dont find the "awful" quality of a 160 K Mp3 so bad it would affect my enjoyment of the music.