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Old 3rd June 2004
Originally posted by DClarkson2004
How the hell does one get a track-count of a 160?!
Are you recording 2 symphony-orchestras simultaniously?
Bounce your stuff; saves you a LOT of time!
160 is actually pretty easy.

On modern pop/R&B productions having 64 tracks alone for lead vocals and backgrounds is normal.

When you seperate all of the drums(multiple kicks,snares, and hats) and the percussion(shakers,congas,claves,bells,etc) that can take up 32-48 tracks.

We haven't even spoken about the bass(usually direct, mic'd and maybe a synth tone),acoustic and electric guitar tracks(who knows how many mics), speciall effects and all of the synth/keyboard tracks(they all have to be in stereo right).

If you use real strings than you up your track count. If you use a real choir, up it again.

Hey 160 doesn't seem so much now does it?