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Old 3rd June 2004
Originally posted by Wiggy Neve Slut
Mike... perhaps in an industry first.

maybe we coudl kinda develop some minda defacto standard as to how PT files should be served up tot he likes of yourself, other top flight crew and hell even fellow GS for them to work on?

Do you have a format for this?

Is it worth developing for yours and everyone elses sanity?


This has been proposed many times.

I think a standard has been adopted already.

Its funny, the worst things are tracked, the more it opens opportunities for guys that can fix things.

I think the modern mix engineer has to be adept at not only his favorite analog gear, but the latest fix it type plugs as well.

I bitched for a while about the tracking going on these days(and most of the stuff i get sent to mix is vocals and synth/samples). But even tracking synths/samples people are screwing up(probably the most basic).

I just got a 5 song r&b/gospel project to mix and most of the synth tracks have disc drive noise on them.

I am thinking like "how the hell can you screw that up", but it happens.

The biggest pet peeve i have is the over compression of vocal tracks(leads and backgrounds).

Man sometimes its so ridiculous.

Even though the Distressor is a cool tool and forums like these are great, its also created this notion that you have to compress vocals when tracking. Its put compression in the hands of the masses(a mistake at times in my opinion).

To be honest i tell a lot of people i work with that i track most of the lead vocals without compression. This is to get a conscious and subconscious response(get people off the compression drug).