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Originally posted by shipshape
....there are guidelines for how protools sessions are to be recieved by us and labelled etc so that we can get straight to the mixing after a quicker set-up.
So, what do you prefer/expect in terms of session organization? What should be removed from the session? Kept? How "should" the logistical nightmare of keeping track of keepers and garbage tracks be approached? When to keep scratch tracks and when to dump them. Should paper notes accompany the drive/cd/dvd? Is it able to be assumed a pro pro tools mixer will have every plugin in existence, and if not how should they be printed to disk? Etc.

Just curious, mainly because i have been running into more and more difficulties figuring out what i did on a session years ago when i pull it out to play with it some more. I'm in the middle of devising a (hopefully) complete personal documentation routine, and any advice on making it more "universal" would be great. Nothing like losing my carefull/obsessive internal DAW notes after having changed applications :(