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"Are you the 'producer' in most cases as people pile more tracks into their songs, and leve it upto you and your judgement to make the call on what gets the chop and what stays?"

Different each record really Wiggy , but an awful lot of records that come in to mix need a LOT of work on them.Some we have to completely rebuild in protools due to crappy editing and shoddy Protool work. There are lot's of times when I'm asked if the vocal needs to ne re-done or if I feel the need for "added production" etc and I just tell it as I hear it. If it feels like it's not all there then I will add what I think it needs. Sometimes that can be quite a bit of extra work.
That is more than just mixing for sure , but it's all part of the gig and I love it. I just wish Protools engineers would go a little deeper into their box sometimes 'cos redoing bad edits is a pain and a lot of drum and vocal editing gets done by some people who really don't have the feel for it so sometimes I have to go back to the back to the source and redo the editing and also to find the vocal takes and undo friggin auto tune ..or at least lessen it.
My protools engineer always get's the session a day ahead and opens it to see what shape it's in and we go from there.