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That's what I realized ages ago, before the paradigm sifted, when I owned my own label and got WW distribution and opened the label up to other artists for their own WW distribution as a DIY model when people still bought CDs and needed Tower and Virgins, Sam Goodys and Best Buys.

I had the choice then to either be an artist or a Label. In order for me to do either reasonably well I had to make a choice. Both were full time. I had a blast BEING a label, but I didn't like ME doing it. In other words I had to become someone else, -- someone who was great at making cold calls, bull****ting, all day on the phone, at the post office, spending, spending, spending, spending. I wasn't writing or practicing my instrument. I had adopted a friendly but very aggressive attitude, which was OK, but it wasn't the me I enjoyed being.

I began to actually long for those days of arguing with Record execs.