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Old 2nd June 2004
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Tough question but I tend to like some of the less commercial records I've worked on really.
I like some of the Joni Mitchell records we did because she is so brilliant an artist and I had been a big fan since I was a kid so to soak up some of that musical energy was truly awesome. There are some great songs on those records also.
Any of the stuff with Mutt Lange is ok..tho it certainly isnt supposed to be was "of the moment" but was fun .....still can't listen to any of it tho!!!!.
I liked some of the odd Englih bands like Prefab Sprout and a record I did with Guster this year, but these records are more quirky than technically good.
Its more a matter of the experience that sticks in my mind rather than the mixes I think.
Barenaked Ladies was a blast cos they are so much fun also , cant vouch for the sound of the record tho!!!!
Basically I find it hard to satisfy myself so once a mix has been printed , I tend to only listen to it if its on the radio if it makes it there!!